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Indestructable Success - Seth Braun

Learn from one of the world's most sought after corporate consultants. Seth works individually with high profile clients in the U.S., Spain, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, and more. His most recent book, Indestructible Success, hit Amazon best-seller status in two categories. Seth is a Certified 4 Gateways Coach and Trainer, Certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and professional speaker for large corporate conferences.

Walt's Story

Along with his wife, Emily, Walt is the Founder of and QN Academy.   Walt tells why it is important to work for yourself and make your life easier in the areas of health, money, and relationships.

Seth's Story

Seth reveals how he overcame drugs, gangs, and dropping out to become one of America's most successful corporate consultants. He is currently a personal coach to many multi-millionaires throughout the world. 

Meet Dr. Cindy Steward

Dr. Cindy graduated with a Biology Degree from Wesleyan College, a Nutrition Degree from Park College, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College. She is the Founder of the Oasis Wellness Clinic in Round Rock, Texas . Dr. Cindy uses her knowledge of key physiological, genetic, and biochemical processes to establish an innovative form of total patient wellness.

Ted's Story

Ted Nelson, RMT, CHS, CQN, is the Founder of the Nelson Health Institute and Exercise Studio in New Braunfels, Texas. He has worked as an educator and consultant with for many years. Ted tells how he went from a 230 pound football player to a 170 pound professional ballet dancer!

Academy Curriculum

Seth, Dr. Cindy, and Ted, are available, along with Walt and Emily, to consult personally and individually, over the phone, Internet, and in person at Academy Retreats with QN Academy Owners. Walt now discusses all the benefits of owning a QN Academy Online Business.

Walt Shows the Money!

We know you will have questions, before you do anything, we want to speak with you live over the phone, or better, live and in person. We offer "Special Savings" programs at various times of the year that can lower your investment as a QN Academy Owner even more. We really do want to help as many people as possible learn how to use the Health, Money, and Relationship Systems to YOUR advantage. This truly is the Legacy our entire QN Academy Mentorship Team wants to leave to YOU and your families!                                                             

Email, or Call/Text 210-723-8663.

Don't miss out. Come and join the FUN!

Remember, QN Academy is my and Emily’s Legacy. Our desire is to see many of you learn The System and then use The System to your advantage!

We have reduced the program by 90%!

We have kept the total investment for everything at $1,995. That is a One-Time investment!

You will immediately become one of our QN Online Business Owners, and you will make an unheard of 100% of the total Fee for each person you personally enroll in the QN Academy. Yes, you read correctily! Enroll just 1 person and your entire Enrollment Fee is paid for! As a QN Business Owner, you will earn $1,995 for each person you enroll.   The entire Enrollment Fee belongs to you because it is now YOUR business. 

You are purchasing your own personal business for less than $2,000 that can yield as much Renewable Income as you desire!

The QN Mentorship Team will personally train you as a new QN Academy Business Owner. You will learn what to do, what to say, and how to easily enroll others.  I will personally show you how it is possible to earn your first $1,995 your first week!

It is Your business, so enroll as many as you want.                                                                                      

If you want to make a six-figure income, $100,000 per year, enroll 1 per week, $1,995 x 52 = $103,740. And it can grow from there.  There is only one shortcut to success – education and mentorship with Guided Practice. This is not theory. We know THE SYSTEM. We know what works, and you will to, in a business that is relaxed, intelligent, and respectful.

One Key to Business Success – Decisiveness. 

 Decision 1 – "I Can’t Wait!" Text or call me personally – 210-723-8663 or send an email to I will contact you to set up a personal interview. We are not looking for everyone, just the right people to join us. 

 Decision 2 – "I like the idea, but I have questions." Text or Call me personally 210-723-8663 or send an Email to

We have a huge market. A recent survey conducted by FedEx concluded that 67% of Americans dream of owning their own business. I ask you to get the word out, not just to have a great business, and create lifestyle income, but to help others learn The System and use it to their advantage – in the areas that effect our lives the most – and the areas that we most value - money, health and relationships! 

Life is too short! Let’s have some FUN TOGETHER!