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Sick of being addicted?

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Every civilization on Earth, which used drugs, collapsed to nothing within a few generations. For example, in ancient Egypt, people constructed a Great Pyramid from 50 ton solid stone blocks.  But when their descendants started using drugs, not only did they lose all their scientific knowledge, no one even remembers what the Great Pyramid was for. The entire civilization decayed to nothing.

Most of us do not realize we have an addiction. If we eat meat, especially poultry, most likely we are addicted to steroids and other growth enhancing hormones, which are used to “enhance the production of meat”.

Multitudes of artificial flavors and food additives are designed to keep us coming back for more so that the manufacturer makes more money. As a result, we gradually lose our natural sensitivity and need stronger and stronger stimulation from spices and flavors. This strategy eventually fails to satisfy us and we eat too much of too many things. Overeating creates unhealthy overloads for our bodies,

To free ourselves from addictions, we need to erase the conscious as well as cellular memory of the thing to which we are addicted.

The key is detoxification.


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