CBD Bath Salts, Peach Hibiscus (Anti-Inflammatory, Joint Pain, Stress and Anxiety Relief) — 8.0 oz.


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CBD Bath Salts, Peach Hibiscus – Soak and Relax Your Body in Hempsy CBD Bath Salts!

Key Benefits:

 – Anti-inflammatory

 – Pain Relief

 – Relaxation and Sleep

 – Stress and Anxiety Relief


CBD Bath Salts will help you unwind your body and mind. Formulated with Dead Sea Salt and 100mg of CBD Isolate, our topical formula was created to specifically address inflammation, sore muscles, stress and anxiety. Also works great for a restful sleep.

In addition, Dead Sea Salt is an excellent exfoliator and promotes skin hydration. Simply add to warm bath water and enjoy. Treat yourself by turning your bath into a self care soak of relaxation.

The best way to end a long day.CBD Bath Salt Usage: Each package will include enough for four baths containing 25mg of CBD each.

This product is ideal to address inflammation, sore muscles, joint pain, stress and anxiety.

Hempsy CBD Bath Salt Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Peach Hibiscus fragrance oil, CBD Isolate